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Dental Lab Management Software for all types of labs.

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Busy dental labs need easy to use dental laboratory software!

Lab management software for dental laboratories 

Key Features

Enhance treatment plans with Onyx integration, simplify the client experience, and manage billing seamlessly.

Treatment Plan

Elevate treatment plans through automated Onyx integration. This feature allows for real-time treatment plan syncing and updates, offering precision-based, data-driven orthodontic solutions.

Client Portal

A centralized, secure platform specifically designed for clear aligner manufacturers. Facilitate easier order placement, tracking, and access to patient treatment histories, all in one place.

Clear Aligner Ordering Flow

Enjoy a simplified, step-by-step ordering process that provides accurate timelines for manufacturing and shipping, enhancing the client experience.

Lab Docket and Billing

Achieve comprehensive management of production and financial operations. It provides real-time status updates, streamlines invoices,  and revenue tracking.

How It Works

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Sign Up & Integration

Register with and undergo a streamlined onboarding tailored for clear aligner manufacturers. Seamlessly connect with existing dental scanning and manufacturing systems.

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Client Portal & Order Management

Dental professionals access a dedicated portal, uploading patient scans and detailing treatment plans. Track, manage, and prioritize client orders with real-time status updates.

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Aligner Design, Manufacturing & Shipping

Harness the Lab Docket for precise aligner design, ensuring efficacy and patient fit. Automate billing, generating invoices directly from the platform and coordinate efficient shipping for timely aligner deliveries.

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Feedback & Continuous Improvements

Engage with dental professionals post-delivery via the client portal to gather feedback. Benefit from regular software updates, ensuring your manufacturing stays state-of-the-art.

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Treatment Plans 

Maximize the effectiveness of your treatment plans by leveraging the precision and advanced analytics of Onyx. Enjoy seamless integration and real-time status tracking to ensure top-notch orthodontic care.

  • Directly import treatment plans from Onyx
  • Status tracking  and real-time updates on each treatment plan
  • Utilize analytics and patient feedback for improvements.
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Client Portal

Streamline interactions with dental professionals through a centralized and secure portal, making operational processes more efficient and contributing to superior healthcare delivery.

  • Secure login  and robust authentication
  • Easy order placement and tracking
  • Accessible treatment plans and histories
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Clear Aligners

Clear Aligner Ordering Flow

Simplify the ordering process for your clients. With features like guided steps, you can ensure quick and reliable delivery, enhancing patient satisfaction.

  • Step-by-step order placement
  • Efficient handling of multiple orders
  • Accurate timelines for production and delivery
Clear Aligners

Lab Docket

It provides a clear and concise overview of dental treatments. This visual tool allows dental professionals to easily interpret and track treatments, ensuring precise communication and accurate implementation of orthodontic procedures.

  • Detailed mapping of each tooth to ensure accurate aligner fit and effectiveness. 
  • An organized layout that represents the stages of aligner treatments, allows manufacturers to produce sets in the correct sequence
  • Material Specification as indicators for different types of materials or special requirements for each aligner, ensuring the use of the right materials for every patient
  • Seamless integration with digital dental scans to automate the aligner design and manufacturing process.


Allows overseeing current and past revenue along with breakdown of products, clients (Dentists) and integrated with automated invoices for every transaction.

  • In-depth financial reporting
  • Product and growth statistics for any chosen time span
  • Modern and user-friendly interface
  • Automated invoicing
Dental Billing Software

Integrate with ScanHub

ScanHub allows you to streamline orders that are scans being sent from any scanning devices your dentists are using.

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