GreatLab became a dental lab to learn what LMS software is needed to be a great lab.

We learnt the most common questions a dental lab experiences.


greatlab, greatlab io, dental lab software

Our Journey


The Beginning

Our journey to transform smiles and elevate dental care began in 2017. We set out to make a positive impact in the dental industry.


Clear Aligners Production

Taking our first major stride, we specialized in Clear Aligners. Providing high-quality aligners direct to patients.


Building Our CRM Software

To enhance patient management and communication, we developed our own CRM software to help with data and appointments.

greatlab, greatlab io, dental lab software
greatlab, greatlab io, dental lab software


Patient-Facing Portal

In 2020, we introduced a patient-facing portal, empowering our patients with real-time access to their treatment progress. Communication with our dental experts became seamless.


Direct to Dentist Services

Expanding our product catalogue and transitioning to a full dental lab, we entered the direct-to-dentist market in 2021. Dentists could now offer our Clear Aligners directly to their patients and order other products from us.


Research & Development Approach

Embracing continuous improvement, we collaborated closely with dental professionals in 2022. Through a research and development approach we enhanced our software.


Dental Lab LMS Launched

After years of rigorous testing and refinement, we proudly unveil our Dental Lab Management System (LMS) Version 2. It is the first dental lab software focused on dealing with the pain points of dentist communication.

greatlab, greatlab io, dental lab software


Why did you become a lab?

To get a true understanding of the pain points a lab experiences from a dentist. The dentist is tight for time and not the best communicator so we had to build solutions around this common pain point. We also didn’t have a big admin team but instead focused on software as a solution to our admin and then is the product that became GreatLab LMS.

Are you still a dental lab?

No. We have a few R&D dentists where we test features but we are not acting as a dental lab and we are only a software solution for dental labs.

Will you ever be a lab again?

No. We are a pure software focused solution and intend to only grow in this vertical. We have no intentions to ever be a dental lab again.

Why should I trust your system if you are a lab?

We are not a lab and we don’t take on any dentist clients. We only work with dental labs as their software provider 😄

Digitise your dental lab with GreatLab

Our platform empowers dental professionals to optimize workflows, enhance collaboration, and streamline communication. We’ve experienced the pain points firsthand and have crafted a transformative tool to address them.

At Great Lab, we take pride in our evolution and the positive impact we make in dentistry. We invite you to join us in shaping the future of dental lab management and creating confident smiles, one success story at a time.

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